Milan Vidiečan
Founder of the Company

"When we started our business journey, we learned a lot. We achieved a certain position with our knowledge, but business is not just about learning. Business is about the ability to impress and establish. Business is about good products, relationships, marketing and many other aspects that affect these.
Our priorities changed as the company developed. The company's turnover and profit are not the only business aspect. With good decisions, entrepreneurial satisfaction and effort, the financial situation improves significantly.

However, you take on a huge commitment of responsibility for yourself, your family and company employees.

We have overcome many obstacles and demonstrated our qualities and strength.An important factor in the company's success is skilled people. Several of our employees have been with the company since it was established. Another factor for success is following the right path, acting positively and agreeing – whether it is to partner with other companies or make decisions that determine the direction of the company."

Experience since 1991

Our forwarding transport company has been operating on the market since 1991, providing international transport of goods mainly within the EU and comprehensive logistics services.

Our goal is to continuously increase customer satisfaction by providing high-level services and professionalism. We have been working with many companies for decades, but we are also interested in new business partners.

We hold the EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate, which strengthens our position on domestic and foreign markets.

The company strives to make our employees flexible and adapt to the customer's needs to the maximum extent possible and build mutual trust for cooperation.